Silent Hills, welcome!

When things get bad, they’ll do their worst.


if you’re ever feeling sad just remember that tatiana maslany roller bladed to her orphan black audition


favorite mass effect relationships » Shepard & EDI friendship

"What’s going on, EDI?"
"I am assisting Engineer Adams with his repair of the drive core shielding."
"Ah, I should leave you to it then."
"We can converse if you like, Shepard. It is a routine proce- uh oh."
"What? What happened?"
"Nothing. Unless you have strong feelings about gamma radiation."
"Not funny, EDI."
"I almost had you. I will alter my human chronometer appropriately for better timing."


Really taking the “cyber” out of cyberbully, aren’t you, A?

sara lance + weapons

Shall we play a game?

Track Title: Lost Stars

Artist: Keira Knightly

Album: Begin Again (OST)


"God, tell us the reason. Youth is wasted on the young. Its hunting season and the lambs are on the run. Searching for meaning but are we all Lost Stars, tryin’ to light up the dark."

- Lost Stars by Keira Knightly

"That’s the problem.You don’t care about getting hurt.But you know how I’ll feel?I’ll be devastated."



adeventute time helped me get over my last breakup no fuckin joke i shit u not

literally adventure time knows their shit